Our e-file pricing for Tax Year 2017 is as follows:

Tax Return(s) to e-File
Apr 16, 2018
e-File After
Apr 16, 2018
IRS Form 1040
Form 1040A
Form 1040EZ
Form 1040-SS

$ 7

$ 10

California Form 540
Form 540 2EZ
Form 540 NR (Long)
Form 540 NR (Short)
$ 7 $ 10
Minnesota Form M1 $ 7 $ 10
Form M1PR (2017) $ 7 $ 7
  • Pricing is per return that you submit for e-filing

  • Payment options for e-filing your returns include:
    - Credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

  • "3-for-2 1040/M1/M1PR package" pricing: e-File your 2017 Federal, Minnesota M1 and Minnesota M1PR returns at the same time and we'll e-file your M1PR return for FREE (a $7 value).

Please note that you can download the eFile Express software and electronic forms via the Internet for free. Payment information is collected prior to your e-filing your return(s) and your account will be charged when you send your return(s) to us for processing. If the IRS or your state should reject your return because of errors, you will be able to re-send a corrected return up to two additional times at no additional charge.