Before downloading the software and electronic forms, be sure to verify that your PC meets the minimum Hardware and Software Requirements.

To use eFile Express, you'll need need to perform both steps below.

Step - Download and Install the eFile Express Software...

Tip: Most users should select and install the Consumer-version. Only install the TaxPro-version if you are a professional tax preparer who has set up an eFile Express TaxPro account.

eFile Express 2023.0b (1325K)
  • Consumer version
    (updated 03-25-2024)
eFile Express for Tax Professionals 2023.0b (2167K)

Step - Download the Forms/FormPaks you need to file...

Click the link(s) below to see the forms/FormPaks available for download.

        IRS Forms

        IRS 94x (Employer) Forms

        State Forms