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Tax Professional Account Application

Complete this application, print it, then fax or mail it along with a copy of an IRS document (see below) that displays your IRS-issued EFIN. Send it to "eFile Express TaxPro Accounts" using the fax or mail address listed below. Please allow 2-3 business days after receipt of this application for your account to be activated.

 Customer Information
Business or Preparer Name
eMail Address
Password ¹





Password must be 8-12 chars in length and contain a minimum of 3 of the following:
    - UPPERCASE letter (A-Z)
    - lowercase letter (a-z)
    - number (0-9)
    - special char (~!@#$%^&*?-+=)


Electronic Filer Identification Number (note that this is not your EIN, SSN or PTIN)



The EIN or SSN associated with this EFIN in the IRS's records (this should match the value you provided in your IRS e-file application) INCLUDE dash(es) or specify whether the number is an EIN or a SSN.
 Payment Information (used for new-account deposit and ongoing e-file fees)
Debit my bank account
Charge my credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
Check is enclosed (deduct ongoing e-file fees from this account)
Bank Account
Include check or deposit slip with your application.
Credit Card
Cardholder Name
Card Number    Expires /
Card Billing Address
 eFile Express™ TaxPro Account Terms

As a TaxPro Account applicant, you...

  1. Authorize Smartrak Group, Inc. to initiate ACH debits or Credit Card charges to the account specified in this application for payment of e-file services.

  2. Agree to pay Smartrak Group, Inc. for e-filing services for all tax returns submitted using customer's ID number and password.

  3. Agree to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement that is distributed with the eFile Express™ software.

  4. Understand that the software supports a subset all forms that can be e-filed.

  5. Acknowledge that tax professionals are required to keep on-file a signed signature PIN authorization (e.g. IRS Form 8879) for each tax return that they e-file.

  6. Understand that you may close your TaxPro Account and request a refund of the unused deposit balance, less a $5 processing fee, at any time.

  7. Agree that Smartrak Group, Inc. may...

    1. suspend e-filing services should payment requests to your account be rejected;

    2. close your account should it remain inactive for a period of 12 months (subject to the refund provisions outlined in item 6 above).

Applicant Signature   Date
If mailing your application:

eFile Express
Attn: TaxPro Accounts
P.O. Box 41322
Plymouth, MN 55441

If faxing your application:


To avoid delays setting up your account, be sure to include with your application:

1. a check or electronic payment information (voided check, deposit slip or credit card info);
2. a copy of your IRS e-file Provider Acceptance letter (or a screen print from that shows your IRS-issued EFIN.